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Soundfield Distribution Systems

Word of Mouth Technology is proud to be one of Australias leading suppliers of Front Row Soundfield Systems. With over 20 years of experience, we have a team of people dedicated to making sure you have the right product for every situation.

We have worked with many schools across Victoria and Tasmania, both new and old. Assisting them with improving the listening and learning environment.

Our Soundfield systems are used in many new building projects for educational settings and learning spaces as a hearing augmentation solution. This is a solution that allows the building/space to meet its requirements for access under the Access to Premises standard. Using a soundfield system as an alternative to traditional hearing augmentation solutions such as hearing loops or FM and infrared systems can be a more effective solution in learning spaces or classrooms.

A soundfield system can be permanant or portable. Permanant systems provide a fixed solution that enhances the listening environment for every participant. A microphone is worn by the teacher with a second microphone used by students, enabling every one to be heard clearly in the learning space.

As a company that specialises in technology to assist people who are Deaf or hard of hearing we understand the technology used by hearing impaired students in todays schools. We are the experts when it comes to integration of personal FM or listening systems with soundfield systems.

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Using Soundfield Systems in Learning Spaces as a solution for hearing augmentation

Word of Mouth Technology can assist with design, supply, installation and training of all Hearing Augmentation solutions for learning spaces including Hearing Aid Induction Loops, FM systems, Infrared Systems and Soundfield Systems

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