Advanced Personal Listening Devices

Reconnect with Your Environment with Advanced Personal Listening Devices

When leaving the house, we all go through a similar routine, checking our pockets or handbags for all the essential items: keys, wallet, mobile phone, and other vital items. Does your list include a personal amplification device? For the hard of hearing, it's often an "essential" as important as anything else.


Assistive Listening Devices

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Hearing Protection

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Alerting systems

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Hearing Augmentation

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What if you aren't satisfied with the performance of your current personal listening devices? Perhaps your new work environment makes it difficult to focus on the sounds you want to hear, or older technology no longer provides the level of assistance you need. Word of Mouth Technology, a proud partner to the deaf community since 1993, provides a convenient online way for Australians to shop for all kinds of listening devices.

Whether you need a system to make it simpler to hear the television or you're interested in a small portable FM system for use in a university lecture hall, you'll find the right products here. Choose from distinctive brands and their track record of reliable products. Then, just place your order and wait for delivery direct to your doorstep.

At Word of Mouth Technology, we understand from our own experiences that hearing aids aren't always up to the job. When you need more clarity for discerning speech or other important sounds in your environment, take the time to browse our well-curated selection of personal listening devices from industry leaders. A personal sound amplification device can empower you to get back into the conversation with ease. Find out more today.