Install an Induction Loop System to Improve Access for the Hard of Hearing

Providing access to the hard of hearing is a paramount concern for many business owners, both as a matter of courtesy and compliance. However, choosing an assistive system is not always easy, particularly if you aren't sure what type will work best in your location. When in doubt, a reliable induction loop system is often an excellent choice. Word of Mouth Technology can help you select one of these highly useful products.

Put simply; there’s an interaction that occurs between the induction loop system and the hearing aid of a visiting patron. With the right hardware, the individual will be able to discern the voice of a clerk or employee more clearly. We can provide a direct counter installation for business clients looking to expand the accessibility of face-to-face interactions between guests and staff. This highly versatile solution works well over the long-term and is an easy way to address the need for access for the hard of hearing.

As a tried and tested technology, induction loop systems for the hearing impaired are one of the most reliable ways to improve the accessibility of public spaces. From classrooms to the bank teller's counter, these systems have the potential to do a wealth of good. To find out more about how to approach purchasing and installing an induction loop system, contact Word of Mouth Technology today. As a leader in this area, we can point you to the right products.