Telephone Audio Adapter

This nifty little interface allows you to connect your telephone to the audio input on a personal FM system such as the Roger Pen or Select (3.5mm connection) or other streamers with audio input.

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Word of Mouth is Australian owned, supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Customers for over 25 years!

We use this device to allow you to connect your compatible desk phone to your hearing aid / cochlear implant streamer or FM system.  What this means is when you connect it the incoming sound from the callers voice is sent through your technology to your hearing aids. Advantage is hearing in both ears (if you use them).

It has a 3.5 mm plug so can connect to the audio input anything with a 3.5 mm socket. eg Roger Pen Charging Dock, Streamers with 3.5mm input, Mini mics etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE - you still need to hold the handset to allow the other person to hear you (or your headset)


  • Does not require batteries or Plug Pack, powered from USB.
  • Does not require sound card.
  • Selector switch for different telephone handset wiring.
  • LED indicator to show, correct selector switch position, USB connection and record status.
  • Record level control.
  • USB cable included.
  • Optional Y connector to allow unit to be mounted away from the Telephone.
  • Compact size: L=80mm, W=55mm, H=30mm
  • Compatible with Windows ME\2000\XP\Vista, Mac and Linux.
  • Approvals: Australia (ACMA). Europe (CE)
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