Hearing Loops

Hearing Loop Design - Dont waste money on a solution that wont meet legislative requirements or your customers expectations.

Installing a hearing loop is not always as simple as putting some copper wire under the floor and connecting an amplifier. A hearing loop must cover at least 90% of the floor space, it must also meet the standards for Magnetic field strength.

Misconceptions about hearing loops:

"Its old technology"
Not so, the use of hearing loops remains to be the only universal means of providing access to people with hearing aids or cochlear implants. Regardless of the brand of hearing aid, if you have a telecoil you can access a hearing loop.

Many of todays hearing aid manufacturers have there own proprietary wireless communciation systems.  These are great, and offer people better accesss to hearing their own TV, or the voice of their partner when driving in the car but they have their limitations.

A hearing loop is connected to the venues sound system and gives you the best possible signal - critical if you want to be able to understand what is being said!

"Its just some wire in the concrete"
A hearing loop installed in conduit under a concrete slab is probably not going to perform adequately. Reinforcement mesh and the blue metal in concrete is very good at absorbing magnetic fields, in particular high frequency sounds that are critical to speech intelligibility.

A properly designed and installed hearing loop will take environmental factors into consderation. If you have a timber floor on bearers and joists a perimeter loop could be adequate, when you have a concrete floor the size of the room will determine if a more complex loop design is required.

This is necessary to ensure adequate magnetic field strength across the room/space. We will normally use a flat copper tape on top of the concrete (under the carpet).

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