Choose the Right Hearing Augmentation System for Public Spaces in Your Building

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience some of the best-loved activities in public spaces, whether it is a performance of a famous play or a simple trip to the movie theatre. To that end, planning to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing individuals is essential. Sometimes, it's even a legal obligation; therefore, choosing a hearing augmentation system that works for your space is an important process.

Word of Mouth Technology has proudly supplied hearing augmentation systems to Australia since the early 1990s. Our systems have seen use in some of the most prestigious spaces in the nation, such as the Victorian Arts Centre. Options include both infrared and radio frequency systems; these are simple to install and operate, providing years of reliable access to the hard of hearing. For example, the Listen LT-84 is powerful enough to cover nearly 2800 square metres of indoor space while remaining discreet enough to blend into the environment. Patrons need only to wear a simple neck loop device to listen in and enjoy.

Improving accessibility and opening wider access to your space is simple with the correct hearing augmentation systems for the buildings in question. Whether that’s a "Front Row" system or perhaps a more traditional loop system will depend on some of the specific facts about the space. Use our online contact form today to reach out to our team. Be sure to ask about the potential for showroom demonstrations of a hearing augmentation system, too.