Assistive Listening Devices

An Assistive Listening Device or ALD is a product or device that makes listening easier. Unlike hearing aids these devices do not require programming or customisation. Just put them on your ears and hear. Whether its a conversation at home or more complex needs in challenging situations with lots of background noise its likely we have an assistive listening device for you. If you dont see it send us an email, I'm sure we can help!

Finding Assistive Hearing Devices in Australia to Improve Accessibility for the Deaf

For the hearing, the words "assistive listening system" may not be something they encounter in daily life. However, according to the World Health Organisation, more than 5% of the global population experiences some form of hearing loss. As a result, it's important to consider accessibility options that allow the hard of hearing to participate in daily life fully. Assistive hearing devices in Australia may even be required in some buildings and spaces.

At Word of Mouth Technology, we've worked to provide assistive devices for the Deaf since 1993, including items suited for both the individual user and businesses and buildings. For example, an assistive listening system in movie theaters allows those with hearing aids to enjoy the experience more thoroughly without the need for their own additional equipment. With many products available from leading brands such as Symfon, Bellman, and Listen®, purchasing assistive listening devices for the hearing impaired that suit your specific needs is now easier than ever.

The addition of an assistive listening system in the classroom or a more general hearing system for building accessibility can transform a space entirely. Especially useful in places where ambient noise or acoustics can make hearing aids less effective, the assistive hearing devices we supply for Australia are ideal for many applications. Learn more about assistive hearing devices on this site, and Shop our personal assistive listening devices now. Visit our contact page for an easy way to send an email.

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