Front Row To Go

FrontRow To Go with Student Microphone, Teacher Microphone and Charger

Completely portable, FrontRow ToGo incorporates a DuO™ precision-mounted speaker array for amazingly even coverage of classrooms, cafeteria, meeting spaces — even outdoor events.



> Room-filling sound quality in a single unit
> The precision-mounted two-speaker line array reinforces and spreads more sound energy throughout the listening zone, making it able to cover an entire classroom.
> Optimize speech clarity The simple 3-position OptiVoice switch controls a sophisticated 12-band equalizer, pre-programmed to optimize speech clarity by emphasizing speech frequencies most critical to comprehension
> Power cable socket
> On/off power switch
> Table stand attachment
> Integrated handle for transport
> Optional built in battery for outdoor amplification
> Auxiliary audio input for computer, MP3 players
> Two channels for more dynamic teaching
> Auxiliary output


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Technical Specifications

925RS Combination Receiver/Speaker

Transmission Type:  FM

Receiving Frequencies:  173.35 - 174.1MHz

Frequency Response:  100Hz - 9kHz (at rated output)

THD:  <1% (at rated output) @ 1kHz

Maximum Audio Output Power:  36W RMS @ 4Ω x 2

Power Supply:  AC110-240V ~ 50-60Hz, 1A max

Battery:  NiMH Rechargeable

Battery Life:  6.5 hours (rechargeable)

Recharge time:  8 Hours

Size:  18.3 x 85 x 7.50cm

Weight:  5.7kg



Input power jack

1 x 3.5mm aux in

1 x 3.5mm aux out



User Guides

FrontRow ToGo Quick Start Guide

FrontRow ToGo User Guide



FrontRow ToGo Wall Mounting - Drill Template


Technical Specifications

FrontRow ToGo Specification Sheet

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