Front Row Pro

Front Row Pro with Infra Red Speakers

The Front Row Pro Digital features FrontRow's exclusive great-sounding (and labor-saving) stereo infrared speakers. Each IR speaker unit combines two woofers, one tweeter, an infrared sensor, and single cable — saving costs on installation.


Teachers need only turn on the mic to start teaching. The receiver automatically wakes up from its energy-saving sleep mode and goes to sleep when the mic is turned off. The built-in sensor with advanced optics ensures consistent signal pick-up, so teachers can talk without dropout. FrontRow's powerful Adapto™ digital feedback suppression is automatically keeping harsh squeal at bay – before it starts. And OptiVoice™, FrontRow’s patented speech clarity technology, is on board to emphasize critical speech sounds, so kids comprehend even more..


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Technical Specifications

940R Pro Digital Receiver/Amplifier

Transmission Type:  Infrared

Receiving Frequencies:  2.3MHz, 2.8MHz

Frequency Response:  50Hz - 20kHz

Signal to Noise:  >65dB

THD:  <1% @ 1kHz into 8Ω

Maximum Audio Output Power:  2 x 10W (8Ω), 2 x 20W (4Ω)

Power Supply:  19V DC @ 3.16A

Size:  21.5 x 4.75 x 19cm

Weight:  0.94kg

Operating Range: 18.5m line of sight (typical)

Reception Area:  139m2 with ceiling sensor



Input power jack

1.3mm mic charging jack

3 x RCA jacks for external sensor connection

4 x Quick connect speaker terminals

1 x RCA aux out jack

2 x stereo aux in jacks (with stereo sound output)




User Guides

Pro Digital User Guide


Installation Guide

Pro Digital Installation Guide


Technical Specifications

Pro Digital Specification Sheet

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