FrontRow Juno

Front Row Juno, Student Handheld Microphone and Teacher Pendant MicrophoneFantastic digital stereo sound from the installation-free Juno® tower — great for both voice and media amplification. The three-speaker 2.1 line array (two mid-range HF drivers and one woofer) provide full, rich stereo sound, with volume level easily controllable via voice command.


For voice amplification, Juno lets you use up to five microphones simultaneously through the optional Channel Expansion Module. Meanwhile, the next-generation Adapto™ digital engine actively scans audio 375 times per second to suppress feedback squeal before it starts.


Juno features our patented OptiVoice™ technology to emphasise critical speech sounds, so kids comprehend even more.


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Technical Specifications

ITR-01 Juno Tower Receiver

Transmission Type:  Infrared

Receiving Frequencies:  2.1MHz, 2.4MHz; (2.8MHz, 3.3MHz, 3.6MHz with Channel Expansion Module)

Frequency Response:  50Hz - 20kHz

Signal to Noise:  >70dB

THD:  <1% @ 1kHz

Maximum Audio Output Power:  40W, peak program

Power Supply:  18V DC @ 3.3A

Size:  35.6 x 71.8 x 26.7cm (with base)

Weight:  6.4kg (with base)

Operating Range: 18.3m line of sight (typical)

Reception Area:  274m2



Input power jack

2 x RCA jacks for external sensor connection

1 x 3.5mm audio out jack

3 x stereo audio in jacks (with stereo sound output)

1 x 3.5mm audio in jack (with stereo sound output)

2 x USB microphone charging/programming jacks

1 x USB communications port



User Guides

Juno Quick Start Guide

Juno User Guide


Technical Specifications

Juno Specification Sheet

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