Finding Assistive Hearing Devices in Australia to Improve Accessibility for the Deaf

For the hearing, the words "assistive listening system" may not be something they encounter in daily life. However, according to the World Health Organisation, more than 5% of the global population experiences some form of hearing loss. As a result more .

Reconnect with Your Environment with Advanced Personal Listening Devices

When leaving the house, we all go through a similar routine, checking our pockets or handbags for all the essential items: keys, wallet, mobile phone, and other vital items. Does your list include a personal amplification device? For the hard of more .

Choose the Right Hearing Augmentation System for Public Spaces in Your Building

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience some of the best-loved activities in public spaces, whether it is a performance of a famous play or a simple trip to the movie theatre. To that end, planning to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing more .

Install an Induction Loop System to Improve Access for the Hard of Hearing

Providing access to the hard of hearing is a paramount concern for many business owners, both as a matter of courtesy and compliance. However, choosing an assistive system is not always easy, particularly if you aren't sure what type will work best more .

Augment Your Listening with an FM System for Your Hearing Aids

Modern technology enables us to do a great many things — and advances continue to be made in the realm of FM systems in Australia for the hard of hearing. While hearing aids are a valuable tool, they aren't perfect. Do you often encounter more .

Catch Up on Your Favourite Shows with a Variety of TV Hearing Devices from Word of Mouth Technology

Have you recently found that it is no longer as easy to hear the television when you watch the news or put on a movie you love? When your hearing needs begin to change, it's important to have a source to turn to for help. At Word of Mouth more .

Choosing an Alarm Clock for the Hard of Hearing

When it's time to wake up in the morning, are you unable to rely on a typical alarm clock? For a deaf individual or someone whose age has influenced their hearing abilities, waking up on time can be a challenge. It is a frustrating experience, but more .

What is the Ideal Way to Shop for Hearing Devices in Australia?

In a world where so much of daily life often predicates itself on the ability to hear aural indications clearly, some basic activities become frustrating and difficult to navigate. The good news is there is a diverse market for hearing devices more .