Choosing an Alarm Clock for the Hard of Hearing

When it's time to wake up in the morning, are you unable to rely on a typical alarm clock? For a deaf individual or someone whose age has influenced their hearing abilities, waking up on time can be a challenge. It is a frustrating experience, but with the right product, it is an easy fix. An alarm clock for the deaf is the solution. Word of Mouth Technology has several options that can transform the way you wake up in the morning.

How does an alarm clock for the hard of hearing work? It's simple — attached to your typical clock is a mechanical pad that you place beneath your mattress or pillow. When the alarm goes off, it causes the pad to vibrate vigorously. This vibration should then allow you to awaken right away. A similar concept is often used in smoke alarms for the deaf alongside a flashing strobe light. Easy to set up and simple to maintain, an alarm like this can become a regular part of your daily routine in no time. In fact, you may even come to appreciate it as a better, less intrusive way to wake up.

Explore our range of Bellman alarms for the hearing impaired and never worry about missing an important morning meeting or appointment again. Consider using one of these products in conjunction with a Bellman smoke alarm for the hearing impaired for added convenience and peace of mind day and night. Questions? Let our friendly team know.