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Alerting systems

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  1. Bellman Visit Safe Package

    Bellman Visit Safe Package

    Combining an alarm clock with a smoke detector, Bellman & Symfon introduces Safe, a complete and ready-to-use fire safety solution that secures your home and protects the ones you love. So now you can wake up fully rested, knowing that you will always be given an early warning.

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  2. Notti Bluetooth Wireless Phone Noitifier

    Notti Phone Notifier

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    Smart Light with Notifications

    Constantly waiting for important call or message?

    Notti will light up when you get a phone call, text message or notification. Unique colour notifications can be set up for every call, message or notification in just a few taps on your smart phone.

    Package includes:
    - Notti Smart Light Notifier
    - USB charging cable (works with any USB charger or connect to your computer)

    Download the free app:

    Download Notti from the Apple App Store    Download Notti App for Android from Google Play

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  3. Vibio bluetooth vibrating alarm clock with mobile phone app New

    Bellman Vibio Bluetooth Alarm Clock

    Whether you are ready to drop after the daily grind or just need a catnap to recharge, Vibio will make sure you get up on time. Set the alarm in the easy-to-use app, available for both iOS and Android, and tuck Vibio under your pillow or mattress. When it’s time to start your day, Vibio will wake you with silent but powerful vibrations.

    Vibio is the perfect choice for heavy sleepers, couples and people with hearing loss.

    Get the app:
    Get Vibio app for iOS devices   Get Vibio app for Andriod devices

    Please Note:  The Vibio is currently on Pre-Order,
    any orders placed will be dispatched in late November

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  4. Bellman Visit Care Pack

    Bellman Visit Care Package

    Care package - Visual Alert for Doorbell and Telephone

    The CARE package from Bellman & Symfon is the ideal solution for the person who has difficulty hearing the normal doorbell or phone ringing.

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  5. Bellman Visit Baby Cry Pack

    Bellman Baby Cry Pager Pack

    This is the perfect solution for new parents. 

    Contained in this pack is the Bellman Visit Baby Cry Monitor, The Bellman Visit Pager and Charging Stand and a Bellman Visit Bedshaker.

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  6. Bellman Smoke Alarm Pack

    Bellman Smoke Alarm Pack

    This package includes all the necessary components to give a person a visual and tactile (vibrating) alert to the smoke alarm. The Visit Flash is placed beside the bed and connected to the Visit Bed Shaker when the Visit Smoke alarm is activated it sends a radio signal to the Visit Flash. The Visit Flash is connected to power via a mains adaptor and has a built in rechargeable battery backup.  Our Bellman Visit Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Package is unique, with the purchase of additional transmitters you can be alerted to other activities in the home including the Doorbell, Phone, Baby Cry or if someone else in the house needs your assitaance (using a push button transmitter)

    Ask us today how the Bellman Visit Alerting System can help you remain independant, safe and secure.

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  7. Bellman Visit Loud Door bell package

    Bellman Visit Loud Door bell package

    A Super Loud Doorbell for people who cant hear the normal door bell!  The Bellman Visit Door Bell Package includes a wireless push button and portable chiime with volume control. Includes batteries and is easy to install yourself.

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  8. Bellman Pro Alarm Clock with Mobile Phone Sensor

    Bellman Pro Alarm Clock with Mobile Phone Sensor

    The alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon delivers a signal of more than 100 dB. The alarm increases gradually in volume, so you have plenty of time to turn it off before others might be disturbed. The alarm clock has a smart alarm signal that sweeps through the frequencies so that, even if you have trouble hearing for instance high frequencies, you will not miss it. Combined with the Bellman Mobile Phone Sensor, to ensure you never miss an important call or email. Learn More
  9. Bellman Visit Door Transmitter

    Bellman Visit Door Transmitter

    The Visit Door Transmitter helps you to notice when the doorbell rings, even if you are several rooms away. It signals the Visit receiver that notifies you with your own choice of flashes, sounds and vibrations. This way you will always know when your guests arrive. Learn More
  10. Bellman Visit Push-button Transmitter

    Bellman Visit Push-button Transmitter

    The Visit push button transmitter works as a wireless doorbell. When someone presses it, it will send a signal to the Visit receiver that notifies you with flashes, sounds and vibrations. It can also be used as a portable alarm to notify a relative or caregiver that you need assistance. Please be aware that the transmitting range of this transmitter is affected by internal walls that are constructed of brick, concrete or steel. For a greater transmission range you should consider using our BE1023 Bellman Visit Door Transmitter that detects the sound of an audible door bell.

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