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Radio Frequency Hearing Augmentation

Our range of Radio Frequency FM hearing assistance has been installed some of Melbournes most famous performance spaces. Including the Victorian Arts Centre, Regent Theater, Melbourne Theater Company and Melbourne Recital Centre to name just a few!

These solutions use a receiver that is issued to patrons requiring hearing assistance. Receivers can be used with an inductive neck loop (for people with hearing aids or cochlear implant processors equipped with a telecoil program), headphones or single sided ear speakers. An advantage of this solution is each person is able to make their own volume adjustments with their receiver. It also means that you can sit in virtually any seat in the auditorium and receive the same quality of sound.

These systems are 100 % compliant with our Disability "Access to Premises" Standards and AS1428.5. The system has been developed specifically for the Australian market using the 150 Mhz Band.

There are two types of transmitter available. The large area WT800 is for connection to an existing audio system and has various antenna options to suit different size venues (from small meeting rooms to football fields!). The personal transmitter WT700 is used in situations where there is a single speaker (like a guided tour or small meeting). It is used with a lapel microphone or headset style mic.

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  1. Listen LT800 Transmitter

    Listen LT800 Stationary Transmitter

    Thanks to its outstanding audio quality, the Listen LT-800-150 Stationary RF Transmitter can be used in a variety of applications.

    The LT-800-150 is excellent for assistive listening, language interpretation, or other applications where running cable may not be an option. This transmitter is a great choice for interfacing to an existing sound system and broadcasting the desired sound throughout a venue.

    The LT-800-150 offers versatility with many different input connections; line or mic level, balanced, and unbalanced. It can be rack mounted with our optional universal rack mount kit or placed on a shelf.

    The LT-800-150 offers 32 frequencies for easy set up for a clear interference free channel. The end result - the audience can hear and understand the presentation.

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  2. Listen LT700 Transmitter

    Listen LT700 Portable Transmitter

    The Listen LT-700 Portable Display RF Transmitter is used to wirelessly broadcast audio for a variety of portable applications.

    Whether its voice or music, the user can broadcast audio to everyone in the audience without having to carry a microphone or be plugged into a wall.

    The LT-700 is excellent for factory tours, outdoor events, wireless microphone applications, classrooms, training, or personal use - anywhere amplified sound is needed, with no installed system is present. With the many features of the LT-700, portable transmission has never been easier for users!

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  3. Listen LR-5200-150 Receiver

    Listen LR-5200-150 Receiver

    The LR-5200-150 is a high performance receiver with extreme sensitivity providing the best pickup and range of any device of its kind.

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  4. Listen LR-4200-150 Receiver

    Listen LR-4200-150 Receiver

    The LR-4200-150 receiver is one of Listen Technologies’ new generation of personal listening products, iDSP or Intelligent Digital Signal Processing.

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  5. Listen LA-430 Neckloop

    Listen LA-430 Neckloop

    The LA-430 is an integrated neck loop that incorporates an advanced DSP loop driver for an improved listening experience for people who have hearing aids and cochlear implants with telecoils.

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  6. Listen LA-381 Charging Station

    Listen LA-381 Charging Station

    The LA-381 is the drop-in charging/dispensing station for the Listen iDSP products. It is engineered for streamlined dispensing, collecting and care of the iDSP assistive listening devices.

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  7. Bellman Audio Domino Classic FM

    Bellman Audio Domino Classic FM

    Domino Classic is our most affordable listening system. It uses digital signal processing technology to filter out background noise and enhance speech. Domino works with hearing aids, cochlear implants and regular headphones or earphones. Simply select your preferred listening accessory below from earphones, headphones or inductive neckloop

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  8. Bellman Audio Domino Pro FM

    Bellman Audio Domino Pro FM

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    Domino PRO from Bellman and Symfon is our most advanced wireless communication system.

    Using DECT 2.4Ghz technology, Domino ensures clear, interference free audio everytime.  The Domino PRO system is the perfect solution for people who want to hear more in difficult situations. In social situations or the workplace, background noise and distance prevent you from hearing clearly. With the Domino PRO you can overcome these barriers and start hearing more. 

    With or without hearing aids this product is helping Australian people hear more every day.

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