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  1. Front Row Juno JN-SM-AN

    Front Row Juno JN-SM-AN

    Front Row Juno is one of our most popular hearing augmentation solutions for educational settings. New building projects or existing schools use Juno to make classrooms and learning spaces accessible. As a hearing augmentation solution Juno can be used to enhance and amplify the voice of teachers and students (using our Front Row infrared microphones). It is also used to amplify sound from any multimedia devices including projectors, TVs, Interactive Panels or portable devices. Front Row Juno provides one solution for all of your classroom sound, as a hearing augmentation solution it has a single connection point to plug in any brand of personal listening system. Connecting a personal listening system to Juno ensures the user hears everything in the room. You can use Juno as a single speaker system with its integrated 2.1 line array or connect it to multiple wall or ceiling speakers for a true classrooms soundfield solution. Word of Mouth Technology has experience using Front Row Juno in hundreds of classrooms across Victoria, contact us today to arrange a demonstration or to find out more. Learn More
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  2. Front Row To Go System

    Front Row To Go

    If you need to be heard you need a Front Row To Go!  Thousands of schools around the world use Front Row To Go. Great for Assemblies, PE and GYM Classes, Performing Arts, Staff Meetings, Outdoor Events, Indoor Events.  Its easy to use, has two microphones and a speaker with internal battery (use for up to 6 hours).   Front Row To Go is also idea for Sporting Clubs, Community Groups and Wedding Celebrants.

    Now at a price thats better than ever!

    Schools can take advantage of our obligation free trial - try it free for two weeks - to take advantage of this offer contact our Front Row Rep Jarrod Hart on 03 9723 0660.

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  3. Front Row Conductor

    Front Row Conductor

    Conductor is a system to manage your Bells, Intercoms and alerts. It can also be used in conjunction with our range of classroom audio solutions. Learn More
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  4. Bellman Audio Domino Pro FM

    Bellman Audio Domino Pro FM

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    Domino PRO from Bellman and Symfon is our most advanced wireless communication system.

    Using DECT 2.4Ghz technology, Domino ensures clear, interference free audio everytime.  The Domino PRO system is the perfect solution for people who want to hear more in difficult situations. In social situations or the workplace, background noise and distance prevent you from hearing clearly. With the Domino PRO you can overcome these barriers and start hearing more. 

    With or without hearing aids this product is helping Australian people hear more every day.

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  5. Bellman Audio Domino Classic FM

    Bellman Audio Domino Classic FM

    Domino Classic is our most affordable listening system. It uses digital signal processing technology to filter out background noise and enhance speech. Domino works with hearing aids, cochlear implants and regular headphones or earphones. Simply select your preferred listening accessory below from earphones, headphones or inductive neckloop

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