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Front Row Juno JN-SM-AN Zoom

Front Row Juno JN-SM-AN

Front Row Juno is one of our most popular hearing augmentation solutions for educational settings. New building projects or existing schools use Juno to make classrooms and learning spaces accessible. As a hearing augmentation solution Juno can be used to enhance and amplify the voice of teachers and students (using our Front Row infrared microphones). It is also used to amplify sound from any multimedia devices including projectors, TVs, Interactive Panels or portable devices.

Front Row Juno provides one solution for all of your classroom sound, as a hearing augmentation solution it has a single connection point to plug in any brand of personal listening system. Connecting a personal listening system to Juno ensures the user hears everything in the room.

You can use Juno as a single speaker system with its integrated 2.1 line array or connect it to multiple wall or ceiling speakers for a true classrooms soundfield solution.

Word of Mouth Technology has experience using Front Row Juno in hundreds of classrooms across Victoria, contact us today to arrange a demonstration or to find out more.

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Superior sound and lesson capture all in one easy-to-use tool

The FrontRow Juno® classroom audio system is a ready-to-use tower that brings both superior amplification and teacher-recorded content directly to students.

Built into every Juno is FrontRow’s SonicSuffusion™ technology. Despite being a single, installation-free unit, SonicSuffusion lets Juno’s three digitally-controlled drivers evenly fill your classroom with the kind of exciting, multi-layered stereo sound you’d expect from a much larger installed system.

With Juno, schools no longer need to worry about the extra burden or costs of installing speakers, cables, and wires in the classroom. Juno works and sounds amazing placed on a shelf or table at the front of the room. Plus, with its Adapto platform, the problem of distracting feedback vanishes. Unlike flat-panel substitutes, Juno suppresses feedback before it starts, so teachers can move about the room freely and without worry.

Go further with classroom control and Juno Connect

Juno Connect is FrontRow's new Juno configuration that gives you complete control over your classroom with one simple tool — your voice. Juno Connect helps teachers to connect and communicate with students and with AV technology using the power of their voice: it offers all the student achievement benefits of less-sophisticated classroom sound systems, plus the unique advantages of automated lesson capture.

Juno Connect gives you voice control over a wide variety of third party devices. Instead of reacting to your technology, it now responds to you. Without a break in instruction, teachers can control projectors, displays, and other devices just with their voice.

When used together with FrontRow's Conductor paging/intercom platform, it also allows totally hands-free two-way communication with the front office. Teachers can talk to the front office just by saying “intercom.” Pages come through the Juno Connect system too — much more clearly than through a conventional PA system.

FrontRow Juno Connect from FrontRow on Vimeo.

Teacher Edition and Juno means you can just say "begin" to start recording your lessons

FrontRow Lesson Capture

Teacher Edition enables teachers to easily capture their lessons in real-time and share them online, making classrooms more efficient and students more prepared. Teacher Edition records the computer screen, teacher’s voice, and any audio played through the Juno system and saves it as an MP4 file so that students can review it at any time, even on their mobile devices. Lesson capture can be used for flipping your classroom or even creating a reference library of short lessons you can use year after year.

Combined with Juno, teachers can control their settings from the application and can begin capturing their voice simply by saying “begin,” so there’s no interruption to the lesson. And with Juno Connect, you can also control your AV devices right from your desktop using the Teacher Edition Control module.



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