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  • Front Row Juno

    Juno is here, make listening easier, create podcasts using lesson capture and control everything with voice commands.

    Contact us today to arrange for a demonstration or trial.

    FrontRow’s newest, most sophisticated digital sound system is here – featuringvoice-activated, automated lesson capture and sharing that is finally easy. Juno is an installation-free audio solution built around a simple and intuitive interface, with the capability to use up to five microphones simultaneously in the classroom. Juno can be as basic or advanced as you like, with desktop software, additional modules and more!

    If you would like to arrange for a demonstration please contact us or phone 03 9723 0660

  • Word of Mouth Audio in the Classroom on Today's Schools

    Todays Schools program featuring Victorian Schools using our Front Row Soundfield Technology, special thanks to Mount Lilydale Mercy College and Yarra Road Primary School.

  • 6.30 with George Negus - Lagging behind

    6.30 with George Negus recently featured a report into indigenous ear health and education.  Front Row Soundfield Systems are featured in this story.

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